Snip Tool & Sticky Notes …

Here’s a couple useful tools that sometimes get skipped over in Windows 7 … the Snipping Tool and the simple Sticky Notes.


The Snipping tool lets you grab a screen shot of a window or area on your computer. Reading an article that has a photo in it and want the text and the photo? You can use the snipping tool. The tool is located Under Programs then Accessories but I have mine on the Taskbar on the bottom of my screen by right clicking on it and choosing, “Pin to Taskbar”.

Sticky Notes is a simple Notepad that stays up when you shut down or restart your computer. I find this useful for jotting down quick notes. I don’t have to remember to save them, and can stack them up for different tasks.

These handy features are not immediately available in Windows 8/8.1 but are able to be added.



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