Head’s UP!

Just a head’s up.

Lots of folks have been getting calls from

companies claiming to be Microsoft, Google,

Apple or even the IRS. If you ask them if they

are actually Microsoft they will say yes

they’re Microsoft Support. These calls are all

scams. All of them. No big company will ever

call you soliciting business or informing you

of problems with your computer.

Rule #1 – No big company will ever call you,

hang up on them.

Rule #2 – Never let someone that calls you have

your Credit Card information or be able to

connect to your computer.

If you’ve had someone connect to your computer

from overseas give us a call and we can scan

your computer for viruses, keyboard loggers or

other problems that can be left behind.

Dave and Betty Weinberg – Zapponet Computer Services, Rainier, OR 503.556.2771

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