Suddenly Seeing a Windows 10 FREE Upgrade Offer?!?

WINDOWS 10 IS COMING....Windows 10 is Coming!!If you suddenly see a new symbol, a little Black & White Windows icons, like this Windows10 Icon, next to your system time? You are not alone.

The most recent Windows update offers you a FREE upgrade to Windows 10.

— First, YES, Windows is offering a FREE Upgrade to Windows 10.

— Second, This appears as a small Windows Icon in your system tray ( available to all
individuals that have a computer that is currently running Windows 7 through 8.1 )

— If you click on the icon, you will be given the option to “Reserve your Free Upgrade”, the Icon remain, however, you will now have the option for the upgrade when the time comes.

— Full Windows 10 Release is scheduled for July 29.

We have done a preliminary review of Windows 10, and it does seem to have potential, with many improvements from Windows 7 through Windows 8.1.

Feel free to contact us if you are considering upgrading, have questions or any other issues;

OR…if you just haven’t talked to us in awhile :-)