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3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Zapponet has consistently over a period of years, rescued my company along with all the needs my company demands of them. Their expertise over the years has been stellar and we couldn’t be where we are today without them. Their prices are the absolute best around and we will never ever choose another.

    Rhonda Holmsten, Principal Broker/Owner
    ARK Real Estate (Previously SUMMA Real Estate Northwest)
    Clatskanie Branch

    Office 503-728-0161
    Mobile 503-866-1276
    Fax 503-728-0163

    Over 20 years of honest, hard working experience.
    Licensed in the State of Oregon

    It is in the shelter of each other that people live.

  2. If you use computers day in and day out, like I do, they seem to get tired. I don’t know if it’s cookies or what… Zapponet, my friends Dave and Betty do. I like that they can connect remotely and fix something that will make my PC run faster. The team offers complete software, hardware and Web support. And when I say support, I mean, they’ll make sure your system, Web or computer is working better.
    I call them first.
    Will Roth
    Marketing Advertising and Fundraising

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